Our Services

Our Services

Whether you are having a meeting, planning an event, setting up a conference, or need help promoting and marketing your convention THE ALPHA EVENTS can provide all necessary services and personnel.

As THE ALPHA EVENTS’ vision, To be the leading event management services company in all of Egypt. So Let our experienced team of professionals provide you with the complete and reliable support and coordination services. Our team is completely dedicated to ensuring that your event is accomplished flawlessly and reaches its desired outcome.

THE ALPHA EVENTS extensive experience is focused on providing a seamless and unique experience to each of our clients.

THE ALPHA EVENTS is committed to custom tailoring its services to best meet both the client’s expectations and the unique challenges of each event.


Conferences have traditionally provided opportunities for networking, socializing and hearing the latest management speak. However, they have rarely been exploited to their full potential as a forum for creative problem-solving and for mobilizing delegates into meaningful action.

THE ALPHA EVENTS will give advice and assistance on how to achieve this. The stage setting for any conference is critical to the reception of the message. Set-up, design, lighting, quality of sound and projection all contribute to communication.


If you are planning a meeting in Egypt starting from finding the right venue, setting the decoration or providing you with audio and visual equipment or translation services.

THE ALPHA EVENTS team will provide these services with excellence and success.

We welcome you to make the best use from our experience and knowledge of the Egyptian market.

Please feel free to contact us to provide you with all the necessary services for your event.

Employees Motivational Meetings & Award Ceremonies

Alignment of aims, purpose and values between staff, teams and organization is the most fundamental aspect of motivation. The better the alignment and personal association with organizational aims, the better the platform for motivation. Where people find it difficult to align and associate with the organizational aims, then most motivational ideas and activities will have a reduced level of success.

When motivating your sales personnel or staff you need to create an exciting and inspiring atmosphere, representing your goals in the best possible way.

THE ALPHA EVENTS role as an event management company is providing you the best solutions utilizing the newest event technology such as laser, light effects, musical effects and audio visuals.

Gala Dinners

Organizing a Gala Dinner is one of the most effective methods of rewarding employees and boosting morale within your company as well as for your clients and their guests. Whether you require a simple local venue, or a stunning stately home – THE ALPHA EVENTS will guarantee to find you the perfect location.

Our dedicated event planners will organize everything from table plans, decorations, entertainment, after-dinner speakers, and bespoke menu selections.

Professionally branded stages adorned with your corporate logos can also be specifically designed to suit your requirements and your budget. In addition, spectacular sound and lighting systems complete with dynamic fanfares, introductions, overtures and musical themes can be prepared to add the finishing touches.

Product Launch

When you offer your customers or employees your new product to market, this must be a wonderful and memorable way.

THE ALPHA EVENTS role is to offer you many choices and suggestions that will suit your needs and put your new product in the best image to impress and affect the scenes. We use state-of-the-art technologies and state-of-the-art entertainment technologies to launch your product.

THE ALPHA EVENTS team combines creative and artistic skills working together to achieve the best results for you. Our spectacular multimedia and laser shows have proven to impress customers, viewers and visitors alike.

Grand Opening

One of the first things that starts the whole publicity ball rolling for an event, an announcement or any newsworthy situation is a press release to make the public aware of your Grand Opening. Press releases are a way to communicate with the media, customers, prospects and any others that are affected by your business and media. Beside that a grand opening has to be "grand" and "spectacular".

Here comes THE ALPHA EVENTS part in providing all that beside set-up, lighting, lasers, all audio visual aspects and entertainers.

Special Events

All our events are special, regardless of size, budget or occasion. But some events give space for more fantasy or are in unusual places like the desert, the mountains or on a boat. This makes them special in terms of logistics, planning and are a great challenge.

THE ALPHA EVENTS team is prepared to do any unique event in Cairo and all of Egypt such as Sharm El-Sheikh, Luxor or Aswan. We plan all the small and big details weeks prior the event and organize everything in advance - this enables us to focus completely on the creativity, rehearsals and excellence in production.

Multimedia Productions

Multimedia productions is combining different medias such as projecting images with video projectors, gobos or lasers in perfect synchronization with sound and light, the venue is decorated according to the theme and the stage is built to be integrated into the whole concept, robotics are in perfect harmonization and lift your product up to the audience - this is a multimedia production.

THE ALPHA EVENTS creative team, is an in-house team that finishes everything from A to Z. We combine lasers, light, sound, video, pyrotechnics, water screens and projectors in exciting ways.

Office Sports Day& Football Tournament

There’s nothing like a good game to bring us all together. Sports creates a powerful connection between communities and is also a great way to create camaraderie, improve your physical fitness, and have fun. What better way to introduce sports into your workplace than an office sports day?

THE ALPHA EVENTS helps you hold these sports days for you employees where:

  • It allows your team to get to know each other better
  • It encourages a little (healthy!) competition
  • It is a great opportunity to bring that go-getting attitude out onto the playing field.
  • It gives you a chance to bring out an ambitious side that you and your employees didn’t know you had.
  • It boosts productivity and concentration levels
  • It’s a chance to try new skills or build on existing ones
  • It also creates a lighthearted and relaxed environment to try something entirely new,
  • It helps inject a boost of fun into your office environment
  • It adds value to your company without being too 'spenny'

THE ALPHA EVENTS Sports day allows you to try all the sports that you’ve always wanted to turn your hand to, but perhaps been intimidated by your lack of experience.

THE ALPHA EVENTS helps you having fun team building activities and injecting fun every once in a while, through office sports day. Office Sports day is an amazing way to bring everyone together, get them giggling and ensure they return to their desks feeling happy and refreshed.