Sara M. El-Faek

Founder & CEO

Our CEO Sara Mohamed El-Faek had Graduated from The High Institute of Social Work Cairo in 2006, She worked in different roles such as a trainer and Supporting teacher for special needs, Assistant manager at Akmy Company, Call center agent at Resala Charity, Assurance sales at Delta Life Assurance.

Despite learning a lot during her movement from one position to another, she didn’t find her passion in any field she worked in, until she worked as a Chairman office director in PICO Pharma company in 2014, she found her passion after organizing the company’s events and cycle meetings. So She decided to shift her career to events management in 2015, Where she decided to get to know more about event management field to become an expert and more specialized in it, so she took several courses such as Project Management, Event Management, wedding Planning Decoration and some other courses to help her to start her own business.

Sara gained her experience working in companies specialized in Event management such as Conference Organizing Bureau (COB), Egypt Events, The Marketer and ATF Alawael.

Finally She decided to start her own business choosing to call her company THE ALPHA EVENTS, because of her ambition to be The Alpha Company Events Management in Egypt.